Transmission Repair: An Educated Tour

We Offer All Types of Transmission Repairs

At Full Service Auto Repair in San Antonio, Texas, we have a thorough and all-inclusive experience regarding transmission repairs. Whether you drive manual or automatic, we will happily educate our guests with our expertise to make your driving experience more confident and safe. Automatic is as it sounds when it comes to learning the gear shift experiences for all drivers. The car will shift accurately without the driver, making accelerating and reversing a breeze. Manual is the opposite, where more knowledge is required to safely operate a vehicle without damage or risk to the vehicle. We will help you understand how the accelerator, brake pedal, clutch, and gear selector all play a role in combination for safe driving and longer vehicle preservation. Added to the prior two, dual-clutch and continuously variable transmissions (CVT) is another variety we service at our shop. We offer 18 years of experience with repairing and replacing any vehicle, so you can put your trust in our capable hands to get the job done.

Warning Signs Of A Malfunction

What are some key things to look for that may hint your transmission needs some attention? This is a question that crosses our minds often when on the road. It may be time to look if you notice signs of transmission issues, such as hesitant shifts, slips, leaks, or abnormal car noises. We will be pleased to assist you and answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. We can neutralize any problem, whether axles, clutches, drivelines, driveshafts/u-joints, flywheels, or valve bodies. We also have a variety of replacements for bearings, gears, housings, and seals, as well as complete transmissions if need be. At Full Service Auto Repair, we focus on quality so our guests feel they are treated as family.

Visit Our Shop Today For Transmission Services

We include all varieties for repairs and replacements to get you back on the road feeling more confident about your safety than when you arrive. We fully understand that life gets busy, so we will waste no time getting your needs met to have you up and running in no time! Schedule an appointment with us on our site or call us directly in advance so that we may set you up with a time that best suits you. Our doors are open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and are closed on weekends. Be sure to check our website daily for any specials on our services.