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Your dashboard has a variety of symbols and indicators. However, few are as scary as the check engine light (the malfunction indicator lamp). It’s not uncommon for drivers to hide or otherwise ignore the warning. However, if you don’t address it, it can have severe implications for your vehicle’s health. If your check engine light comes on, have it diagnosed and repaired by trained professionals, like our Full Service Master Car Care team in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2005, our ASE-certified technicians have performed check engine light diagnostics on thousands of vehicles. Our facility is stocked with the latest tools and diagnostic technology, so we can determine what caused the warning to trigger, and we have the expertise to correct it. We’re available Monday through Friday, and we service all makes and models, so if your check engine light is on, make an appointment online or give us a call at (210) 340-1251!

Why The Check Engine Light Is On

Even though most people are terrified to see the malfunction indicator lamp light up, the reality is it doesn’t mean you’ll need expensive repairs. Unfortunately, you can’t determine what the issue is unless you check engine light diagnostics. One of the most common reasons is that your gas cap is loose or missing, cheap, and simple to correct. Another possibility is that your spark plugs and ignition coils need replacing. You may also have issues with your vehicle’s oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, mass airflow system, thermostat, catalytic converter, or other parts of your engine and emissions systems.

The malfunction indicator lamp can come on for various reasons, but it can give you some hints. The most important thing to note is whether or not the symbol is flashing. If the icon is steady, you should still have a professional determine the root cause before it gets worse. However, if the icon is blinking, you should immediately pull over and have it towed to our shop (we offer towing during normal business hours). Blinking means your engine is misfiring, damaging your catalytic converter, which is expensive to repair and replace. Our shop trains to handle any issue your car may have, so if your check engine light comes on, we’ll take care of it.

Leave The Check Engine Light Diagnostics to Us

Full Service Master Car Care is one of the best auto repair shops in the San Antonio community. When you need experts to resolve your car’s malfunction indicator lamp, we’re the place to go. In addition to being a AAA Texas-approved auto repair shop, an ACDelco Service Center, and a Pronto Auto Service Center, our team offers friendly, honest services and competitive pricing. Plus, we back our workmanship with a nationwide warranty lasting 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Visit us at 1021 Patricia, San Antonio, TX 78213 today to get advanced check engine light services your vehicle deserves.